One Game Changes Everything

For the past couple years, as my love of the beautiful sport called association football has grown, I’ve become something of a fanatic. I get up at 6:45 AM on certain Saturdays so that I can catch my beloved Liverpool Football Club playing in the English Premier League. I’ve skipped class on multiple occasions, usually to watch Liverpool but occasionally I will make the effort to watch another big game that might happen to be on at 2:00 (Bayern’s amazing win against Man United this season).

All this love and passion that I’ve developed has, obviously, been geared toward Liverpool and everything the club stands for, but I’d argue that my love of the game has even superseded my club devotion. I’m obsessed with techniques, tactics, transfer gossip, all of it. This has, over the past year or so during qualification (and during the 2009 Confed Cup), started to have another branch called International Football. This, of course, is most obviously manifested in the FIFA World Cup, which is held every four years, this time in South Africa. Lately I’ve been poring over stats, articles, tactical analyses, and so many other things that are getting me extremely excited for the 2010 World Cup.

For multiple reasons, from giving myself a chance to get semi-regularly writing to helping my many heretical friends come over to the side of the beautiful game. Too often am I ridiculed for being a fan of what many consider a non-American sport. This is highly ignorant and a little stupid, and I want all of my friends to be not only convinced that football is the greatest game in the world but that they should find the passion I do to go crazy watching the World Cup this summer.

I’ll end this note here, but I promise there will be more to come. I hope to publish notes on the format, history, and implications of the World Cup, as well as analyses of every single group as well as my predictions and opinions on how things will turn out.

Sorry, one final thing–despite my adoration for many players on teams from all over the world (which will become apparent in future notes), I am wholeheartedly, 100% rooting for the USA for their entire duration of the tournament.


~ by spenserdavis on May 17, 2010.

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