My Current Dream XI

Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas, hands down. Sure, Real hasn’t been the best ever this season, but they could have done a lot worse without someone like Casillas in between the sticks.  His finesse and reflexes mix perfectly with his aggression and ability to read shots.  There’s a reason Spain didn’t let too many by during Euro 2008.

Right-back: Sergio Ramos. Sorry to use another Spaniard so soon, but this guy is top class.  Whether it’s attacking down the wing to support the front or making a last ditch save when the keeper’s come out, this guy could stop a freight train if necessary.

Left-back: Philip Lahm. The Bayern Munich man can hold his own against any attacker in the world, as he’s proven both on the international level with Germany as well as in the Bundesliga and Champions League with Bayern.  His attacks are mind-blowing, and when he has to turn onto the back heel, he can fend off the best of them.

Centre-back: Rio Ferdinand. A choice that I hate to make.  He is a rock on defence, and is hungry to never let anything past him.  He might be a huge douche, but he’s good when it counts.

Centre-back: John Terry. He’s made his mistakes, and I’d probably never let him take a penalty.  But nevertheless, I’d feel safe with him teamed up with Rio just like they are with the England national team. That is a brick wall that could rarely be beaten.

Left-wing: Kaká.  His technical brilliance mixed with his speed and creativity make him a huge threat to any defender.  The fact that he is extremely tame off the field and has no ego about him makes it even better. His shots are deadly as well as his vision of the game.

Right-wing: Lionel Messi. “The new Maradona” is quite possibly the greatest player in the world right now, and the fact that he scored a goal against Manchester United in the Champions League final only proves my point further. He beats nearly every defender he encounters, and every touch he makes on the ball is pure gold.

Deep-lying playmaker/Defensive mid: Cesc Fabregas. Now some would argue this, but I’m quite confident that Cesc would be the best asset in the very center of the field. His ability to read passes and start attacks is genius, and I think he has yet to be at the top of his prime, he can ONLY get better.

Attacking Midfielder: Steven Gerrard. Stevie is definitely in the top 3 players in the world, because his versatility is met by none.  He has amazing vision, passing ability, and his shots go where he wants them to.  He is also hungry for victory and glory no matter the cost, he goes into tackles with no holds barred, because he knows that ball is his and he WILL obtain it.

Striker (Right): Fernando Torres. El Nino, enough said.

Striker (Left): Zlatan Ibrahimovic. This guy has not only the experience and the proof but I believe he is capable of working well with someone like Torres who can work alone or play off another striker.  This striking team would be deadly and strike fear into the hearts of defenders and goalkeepers the world around.

I know that was the Dream XI, but here’s 6 substitutes that I wouldn’t mind having, just in case.

1. Pepe Reina, I would say the second best goalkeeper in the world.

2. Jamie Carragher, another one of my Reds.

3. Glen Johnson. Yet to be proved, but he’s also made the recent move to Anfield.

4. Frank Lampard. In my opinion, a couple notches below Stevie G, and could fill in in case of injury.

5. Andres Iniesta. Quite the beast all over the field, one of the top players out there.

6. Wayne Rooney. A natural finisher that can also play well with a team as well as solo.


~ by spenserdavis on June 16, 2009.

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